Green Card Marriages Aren’t An authentic Alternative

Green Card Marriages Aren’t An authentic Alternative

In reality, the person are petitioned could well be barred regarding ever-being petitioned once more as a keen immigrant, even if the then relationships are bonafide

Eager moments need desperate strategies! Everyone has heard this statement several times in our lives. Nevertheless reality is why these eager measures tend to generate disastrous results. In the context of immigration law, the fresh new desperate act of marrying people exclusively to own an eco-friendly card more often than not stops most badly.

In reality, the individual getting petitioned might be prohibited away from ever-being petitioned once more due to the fact a keen immigrant, even when the then matchmaking is actually bonafide

Hopeless moments call for desperate steps! Everybody has heard which words a couple of times in our lives. Nevertheless reality is these hopeless actions will establish disastrous performance. Relating to immigration law, the newest eager operate out of marrying people entirely getting a green cards typically comes to an end extremely defectively.

Marrying a person solely for an eco-friendly cards can be titled a “eco-friendly cards relationship,” but the way more official label utilized by new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) try “sham relationship.” It has been a plotline when you look at the multiple Movie industry films and television suggests over the years, along with lately regarding primetime drama “To the Wings of Love.”

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